Monday, March 31, 2008

Trevor Freakin' Graves

Trevor's work has influenced my photography and my life in so many ways. It just so happens that the first issue of Snowboarder magazine I picked up had one of his shots on the cover. That mag made me want to start snowboarding. I continued to see his photos throughout the years in all the snowboard magazines and catalogs. At photo school I had to do a speech on a photographer that influenced me, so I called around and found Trevor's number. I called him up and asked "are you around on Friday to talk for a bit?" Then I booked a flight from Boston to Portland and flew out and met him. After school I worked with him for a summer and now I'm lucky to call him a friend. His work continues to stoke me out and I still get excited to see what he writes back when I send him some images. Thanks Trevor!
Check out some of his photography here.

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