Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gary "Jack" Wendt: Man on Walkabout

While I was up in Hampton, NH shooting the surf stuff from the previous post I met Gary "Jack" Wendt. He was shaving in the public bathroom and said he was selling all the stuff in the back of his truck to raise money for fuel to go to Florida. He "had enough of no work and the New England weather". I looked at the stuff in his truck but wasn't interested in any of it. It was all high quality, I just didn't want any of it. So I offered to pay him to take his photograph. I only had two bucks in my wallet and that's what I offered. Here are the shots we created. I printed them today and I'm sending to Gary and his mom in Vermont. After I took the flexing muscle shot he said I needed to caption the photos: Man on Walkabout.
If you stumble upon my blog Gary please leave a comment. I hope all is well with you and know that the prints are on their way to VT. Good luck in Florida and take care!

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