Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I created this image as a result of being inspired by my friend Denise. She shared with me that she goes for walks every day to be active and that she takes her camera along and it keeps her present to what she is doing at that particular moment. That way she's not thinking about what she "has to" do or "deal with" later.
That same day I was working in my office retouching files most of the day and when I was done I wanted to take a nap. Instead I remembered what Denise shared with me and chose to grab my camera and go for a walk. I don't normally do this, I normally set up lights and create photographs rather than go walkabout with the camera. But I didn't listen to any of my inner criticism and rolled with it.
As a result I shot a ton of stuff and captured this great moment right in my own neighborhood at a place I had never been to before. Very inspiring to me! Thanks again Denise!
Last night I was able to finally give Denise a print of this image along with four other people, while I was giving it to her two more people asked me for a print too. It's so touching, moving and inspiring for me to share my work, have people like and people want to have it. All this by being a photographer, doing photographer things, and having photography! So Awesome!

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