Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday: Shots I did on Film

As always click on the image to make it bigger. Notice that grain!
Here's a shot of Mikey from my old neighborhood. I met him one day when he was learning to olly and gave him a pointer. Then he nailed it right away and we were instant friends.
This shot was with Kodak's Color Infrared Film. It was an E6(slide film) cross processed in C41(negative/print film) giving the super saturated and extra contrast. I think this was from one of two or three rolls that I ever shot with that film. If I remember right it was super expensive too, like $25 a roll. But man look at those color shifts straight out of the can, no photoshop magic here. Enjoy and check in next Friday for another image captured with emulsion and not pixels!


Ellen said...

This is my favorite on this Blog. I don't know the lingo you speak but I am very impressed with the whole Blog! How exciting for you to meet such interesting people. Keep up your excellent work!
Love ya, Ellen

Maritza said...

Me and my love affair with your film work! Well with all of your work but wow this is amazing!
You are so cool!