Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday: Shots I did on Film

Shaun White at Mt. Hood in 2000

Kelly Clark at Mt. Snow in 2002

Kelly Clark at Mt. Snow in 2002
With all of this Olympic Medal stuff flying around I dug up a few images of our current medalists that I did with film. The first is a shot I did with Shaun White while he was filming for a Volcom video at Mt. Hood, OR back in the summer of 2000. This was before the main stream media labeled him The Flying Tomato or some muppet name. But he was ripping back then too. Everyone knew he was going to be bigtime, maybe not as big as he turned out but big none the less.
The other two images are of Kelly Clark in a space above her family's resteraunt at Mt. Snow, VT. We shot these for the now gone SG Magazine. It was a cool double page spread. Kelly was super nice and has continued to kill it.
Congratulations to all of the athlets for rocking Vancouver. I'll have to dig out some other shots I have of Hannah Teter and some of Ross Powers after he won the Gold too.

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